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30 for 30

Sorry to disappoint, but this post is not an ESPN 30 for 30. I turned 30 this week, so this "30 for 30" is about 30 things I want to do and wish for in my 30s! (In no particular order)

  1. Graduate with my master's degree from my dream college- University of Tennessee Knoxville #VFL

  2. Take more trips and make more time to visit with friends in person. Life can easily get in the way, but life is also too short not to make time for the ones that are important to you.

  3. Marry my best friend.

  4. Start a family.

  5. Take a trip to Sedona with my sister

  6. Visit the Redwood forest with my boyfriend (one of his bucket list items)

  7. Drink a glass of wine (or a few) at Miranda Lambert's Red 55 Winery in Lindale, TX

  8. Let go of the need for perfection: in all aspects of my life (body, home, career, appearance)

  9. Support other women without first comparing their successes with my shortcomings

  10. Give more money to charities that are important to me

  11. Mentor young girls in my community

  12. Plant a garden and keep it alive

  13. Practice more Yoga

  14. Learn to cook protein without burning it

  15. Take more girls trips to Siesta Key

  16. Drink a few Angry Orchards with my cousin

  17. Convince my dad that his woodworking skills are amazing enough for an Etsy shop

  18. Become more forgiving and selfless like my mom

  19. Quit biting and picking at my cuticles

  20. Find new ways to advocate for eating disorder awareness and access to quality and affordable treatment

  21. Drink more water and less pop

  22. Write a book?

  23. Feel comfortable in my skin

  24. Take many trips to Tennessee

  25. Drink wine in Napa

  26. Get better at scheduling self care and actually following through

  27. Stepping outside my comfort zone to engage in conversation even when it feels awkward

  28. Bite my tongue and better control my red headed temper

  29. Do one thing every day that makes someone else smile

  30. Find one beautiful thing in each day

<3 Stay Strong and Beautiful

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