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Save The Date

Happy #NEDAWARENESS week!!! Every year during this week I take some time to reflect on my progress in recovery. This usually comes at JUST the right time, and this year was no different! To say I have been struggling with a relapse would be a huge understatement, so to have this week to reflect will hopefully motivate me even more to get back on track in my recovery.

I can't think of any better way of celebrating recovery, giving hope to those struggling and those that love someone who is struggling, and raise awareness of eating disorders, than by gearing up for this year's NEDA Walk. NEDA is the National Eating Disorders Association. They are an AMAZING organization that helps educate, provide help and resources to those effected by eating disorders, and support research efforts. Last year the walk was cancelled due to COVID. This year, the walk is being held virtually. While this is a bummer to not be able to gather together and feel the inspiration and hope among NEDA Walk participants, it is really cool in the fact that you ALL can join the Stay Strong and Beautiful NEDA Walk team! The walk takes place shortly after my 30th birthday this year so I say LET'S GO BIG!

The virtual walk will take place on Sunday April 25th.

The event begins at 11:00 AM EST and ends at 12:30 PM EST

The walk traditionally is one mile long, however, you are welcome to adjust the distance to what is healthy and safest for your own health. This isn't your traditional charity 5k. No one runs, no one sprints, everyone walks at a leisurely pace and enjoys the company of their fellow walkers.

Follow the link to join Team Stay Strong and Beautiful NEDA Walk Team, or to donate to the team.

All support is very much appreciated! Tag @stay.strong.and.beautiful on instagram to let me know you have joined the team and show your support!!!!

All my love!!

<3 Stay Strong and Beautiful

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