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Head in the clouds, feet on the ground

Stay Strong and Beautiful started years ago as a closing I used in my first recovery blog. Kind of like a news anchor's signature sign off. To me it is a reminder to never give up and always believe in and embrace your unique inner beauty. A reminder that I got tattooed on my body. The phrase has been printed on multiple years of team tee-shirts for the NEDA walk. It has become an important motto in my life. But privately I've always wanted it to become something more. Something bigger.

All my life I have been a bit of a dreamer. Big dreams, like being a model, actress, or CNN investigative reporter just to name a few. After treatment I had a new spark inside my soul. I wanted to make a change in the world. Plain and simple. I want to make a difference and leave a positive mark on this world that lasts long after I am gone.

This very large and ill-defined dream has taken many shapes. First, I wanted to be a speaker. Share my story and advocate for eating disorder awareness and the need for accessible and affordable treatment. I did some small speaking engagements and about threw up from nerves every time. Then I wanted to create some sort of positive body image/self esteem building curriculum designed for adolescent girls. A prevention type education. But then I began my teaching career and no longer had time to think about that! I've even thought about writing a book, but then had no vision of what exactly I wanted to say.

All roads seem to bring me back to writing on a blog. It feels safer than speaking in front of large crowds and unlike a book, each post can be a complete different thought process. But the dreamer in me still craves more but the fear of failure and embarrassment keep my feet on the ground. Every time I publish a post I wonder if anyone will even read it. Every time I share on social media that I have a new post available I worry that people will get sick of seeing it and block me or unfollow me. I fear that I won't be taken seriously and that all my hard work and vulnerability will turn in to someone's inside joke. But I don't wear jewelry with the terms "fearless" and "brave" for nothing. So I continue on and explore where this dream.

Recently, I have dreamed about making Stay Strong and Beautiful a brand of its own. Today, I am excited to reveal its official logo, created by my mom's friend Albie. Huge thank you to him for helping me with this! I have also created an Instagram account for the brand that will post empowering quotes, share resources, and updates on the blog. The link to the IG page is at the bottom of the homepage. Click on the little IG icon and it should take you right to it. If not, the username is stay.strong.and.beautiful

If you are still following and reading I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking your time to read my words and support my dream. I hope you stick by me to see where this dream of mine takes us!

As always, you are welcome to share the site and posts. The more people that can read and benefit from my silly ramblings I hope the better.

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<3 Stay Strong and Beautiful

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