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Girls Support Girls

When I was in elementary school there was a girl named Nie'scha in my class. She always had a smile on her face and a group of friends surrounding her. Her personality was bubbly and welcoming. I always wanted to be her friend. She was one cool girl! Guess what?

She is still all of those things and so much more. She is a teacher with a huge heart. She is a mother to three beautiful babies that she prayed to be able to have. She is a friend that is always there for others. She gives without asking for anything in return. She is incredible.

She also shares her story through a blog of her own. She has a beautiful ability to take words and turn them into energy that strikes you to your core. Her message is inspiring.

Having been given her permission first, I am including a link directly to her latest blog post which touched my soul profoundly. Her message is important for others to read, especially for other mothers to read. Take the time to read her post and check out her other posts as well.

See for yourself how incredible she is.

Love you, Nie!

<3 Stay Strong and Beautiful

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