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Coming Soon...

Big News!!!!

Sorry to disappoint, no I am not pregnant. Sorry to those that had a heart attack from the post image and title. Had to get your interest somehow, right?!

Anyway, I do have something special to share that does include babies, children, and mothers. I often brainstorm potential blog posts. I keep a list on my phone of ideas as they come to mind. Lately, due to many of my friends having babies and growing their families, I began thinking about the whole journey to becoming a mother and life after pregnancy. I wonder how the entire process will be for me given my ED and body image struggles. But more than that, I wonder and worry about how I will raise a child, regardless of gender, to be a strong, confident, and healthy individual in our extremely flawed society. There is no instructions manual for motherhood, let alone motherhood with eating disorders. Mothers are so often on their own to figure it out as they go and the issues of body image, mental health, and eating disorders are not often discussed.

So, in the weeks to come, you will hear from mothers that I know sharing their stories so other mothers, or mothers to be, can learn from their experiences. The mothers that will be featured have been asked permission first, will be given pseudonyms to protect their privacy, and are sharing their stories out of the goodness of their amazing hearts. They are mothers of boys and girls, representing different ages, races, some are married, some are single mothers, and come from different socioeconomic statuses. Some have adult children, some have small children, newborn babies, and some are still pregnant! They have been given no deadline to share their stories, so there will be no set schedule on when the stories of the mothers will be published. I will share them as they come to me.

I am very excited for this mini series as I cannot speak from the lens of a mother and I feel very passionate that women need to support and education one another. This will provide support to mothers reading the stories of these mothers, as well as educate one another on the lives of mothers from all demographics.

Stay tuned and

<3 Stay Strong and Beautiful

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